:: Stocking Stuffers for Her ::

I love gifting. It’s an incredible challenge to not just shop, but to find something really special/fun/unique for those on your Christmas list. Everyone seems to have different traditions when it comes to stockings – some get hygiene products (a lifetime supply or 40 years of razors, soap, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.) while others get gift cards.

In my family, Santa sends a mixture. Stockings always include some hilarious things (think the pooping reindeer), a ridiculous amount of candy, some gadgety type things, socks…. it changes yearly.

I’ve compiled a short list of fun stocking stuffer ideas – what does the big man bring to you?!

1 // Lush Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar: I’ve become a big bath person, and Lush’s bubble bars are the way to go. Break them up and one bar lasts multple baths.

2 // Fresh Sugar Sampler: Looking for a great tinted chapstick? Fresh makes the best, and the raspberry tone is ah-mazing.

3 // Jack Black Lemon Chamomile Chapstick: My absolutely favorite chapstick on the face of the planet.

4 // Metal Soap: Sometimes I completely avoid using garlic/onions all together because it takes days of multiple showers and hand washes to get the smell off my hands. Not anymore!

5 // iPhone Charger: My dad is the only man in the house, so he labels everything in the fear that we will take his iPhone chargers. This adorable decal makes it slightly less likely that we’ll steal something which has been sharpied with “Chuck’s iPhone Charger.”

6 // Starbucks Tumbler: A double-walled tumbler made with recycled materials that gets you one grande brewed coffee every day for January 2015. Upgrade to the fancy one for $65 and get ANY seasonal drink daily.

7 // Butter London Nail Polish: Butter makes really amazing nail polish – not gloopy or runny.

8 // Cork Comet: I can already see this flying across the room at a New Year’s Eve party!

9 // Arrow Drink Markers: If you’re going to have drink markers, you might as well pick the phinest…

10 // Nail Wipes: Love to take these when I travel, or if I’m just simply over using cotton balls.

11 // Socks: A go-to stocking stuffer!

12 //  Corkcicle: Wine not?

Beauty B // Face Forward

I like to pretend I’m not a creature of habit, but when it comes to skincare – I most certainly am! After years of fighting breakouts, I can tell you nearly everything you need to know about every product on the face of the planet. During the year I was on acutane (high octane acne medication, which takes the Disney Villain approach – makes you a complete basketcase, but look flawless), I also tested out every moisturizer and chapstick known to man.

My mom has great skin, but since genetics didn’t bless me with her clear, smooth complexion, I’m going to go ahead and make my own luck. Here are my favorite products to help you put your best face forward this summer!


Beauty B - Summer Face

1// Jack Black Lip Balm – Lemon & Chamomile, 2// LUSH Beauty Ocean Salt Scrub, 3// FAB Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, 4// Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Cream, 5// Supergoop Sunscreen, 6// Sugar Berry Lip Balm

1//I keep a Jack Black Lip Balm with me at all times. There is one in my purse, on my nightstand, one in my car, and another in my tote bag. All of the Jack Black chapsticks are amazing, but this one is the perfect blend of fresh. Plus, it reminds me of wandering through Los Olivos and picking up little finds like this one. And the wine purse clutch. And a bowl with a bunny in it. Because – tourists!

2// Thanks to my friend Brittany, I’ve developed an obsession with LUSH products. Call me an animal-loving,  save the world smelling like coconut water hippie (I’ve been called worse), but this stuff is where it’s at. The Ocean Salt scrub is gentle enough for my crazy skin, but leaves it feeling smooth as glass.

3// If FAB Beauty makes it, I buy it. Each morning and night, I use their cleanser and apply the Ultra Repair Cream. It does not burn, sting, or irritate my skin in the slightest, and protects it all day and all night.

4// I have always had a red tone to my skin, and it is SO annoying when trying to find the right make-up, without looking like I forgot my sunscreen. A pageant friend let me borrow her Smashbox Photo Finish Primer cream in clear, which took all the shine away, even under the Miss Oklahoma stage lights. It was a true miracle. THEN I discovered the green cream. Game over, red skin!

5// I received a Supergoop sample in my Birchbox one month. Now I won’t buy anything else.

6// Ok. So Jack Black makes an incredible lip balm, but if you’re willing to spend an extra $10-$15, and get a lip color out of it – this is a winner. The berry tone is just dark enough to pass for a lipstick, but isn’t as heavy as what you normally might wear. Perfect for summer, or honestly, anytime.


What are some of your favorite summer skincare products?