About the Paper Doll

Pretending to be Rachel Green-Carrie Bradshaw-Blair Eadie, but truthfully I’m more like Mindy Kaling’s blonde sister.

After growing up in small-town Oklahoma (seriously – we drove a least 45 minutes to shop, so you can imagine where my priorities began), I attended the University of Oklahoma where I spent the majority of my time standing in front of my closet deciding what to wear joining every student group the campus had to offer, including serving as president of my sorority. Between competing in the Miss Oklahoma pageant system, interning with Victoria’s Secret PINK and the Women’s Outreach Center, and speaking to schools and after-school groups about relational aggression, I managed to graduate with a degree in PR and Women’s and Gender Studies

Then, one day I woke up and decided it wasn’t enough to just kind of change the world, I wanted to serve others every single day. So I applied to Teach For America and headed up north to Tulsa upon graduation, where I taught PreK in a low socio-economic area. If you want funny kid stories, I’m your gal!

After my two-year commitment was up, I opted to move back to Oklahoma City, to stop racking up hundreds of miles a month on my car spend more time with my family, manfriend/photographer/sommelier, and my other boo –  Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In August 2014, I moved further south to Dallas, Texas to continue the fight for ed-reform by working with a local non-profit. What we do for love! #oyvey

When I’m not falling behind in my blogging schedule (and perpetually running late), I love practicing calligraphy, sweating my guts out at hot yoga, imbibing in the (more often than) occasional glass of wine and  scrolling through Pinterest like a fiend.

I would love to get to know my readers, so leave us a comment whenever you like!

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